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Whether you’re a worker or a business operator; a homeowner or a tenant; a retiree or a macroeconomist, we all depend on the building and construction industry. The quality of the buildings we live and work inin, and the ways that they’re built and owned is critical to every Canberran. The building industry has  been one of the key driving forces in our local economy for the better part of three decades now, and with serious economic and environmental dangers in the year ahead, it has never been more important to ensure it’s fit for purpose.


CFMEU is one of the ACT’s largest trade unions, representing over 2000 of the workers that build and maintain our city. Our Union is dedicated to fighting not just for the rights and safety of our members, but to make the city we share a place we can all be proud of.


Along with allies in the industry, civil society and politics, we’re calling on the ACT government to engage in serious, wide-ranging reform of the industry to address the ongoing and unresolved problems in the industry; from building quality complaints, to unrestrained developer power, to privatised building certifiers, gender equity with gender on the tender, public housing maintenance and more. With the right ideas and a commitment to the public good, we can all build a better Canberra.

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When you buy or renovate your home or business, you deserve high-quality work. You deserve to know that your balcony won’t crack, that your ceilings won’t sag, and your bathroom won’t leak. You deserve to live and work in buildings constructed by tradespeople who know what they’re doing.


in the ACT, you currently have no way of knowing what kind of work you’ll get. That’s not just bad for you, it’s also devastating for the skilled tradespeople and reputable companies attempting to produce robust, quality work, who are being driven out of the market by cheap, unqualified competitors.

A coalition of unions and businesses in the ACT are calling for an end to this race to the bottom – it’s time to license building trades.

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Property Developers wield incredible power over our community. They design, commission and eventually sell the projects that define our built environment, in the process extracting incredible profits from Australia’s booming real estate markets, while dictating terms to builders, construction workers and consumers alike. So it might come as a surprise to learn that property development is almost entirely unregulated. Anyone rich or connected enough to get their hands on land can make decisions that change the way the rest of us live, no matter how many failed projects, burnt customers or criminal convictions might be lurking in their past. In the process of maximising their speculative profits, they take every unfair opportunity to squeeze Canberran construction firms and workers on one end, and homebuyers and businesses on the other- and right now, there’s nothing anyone can do about it. It's time to rein in these cowboys.



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Authorised by Zach Smith, Secretary, CFMEU ACT


8 Cape St, Dickson ACT 2602

Phone: (02) 6267 1599

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